Become a specialist in a destination with multiple riches!

Thanks to your training, you will join the network of Martinique specialists to share your enthusiasm for our island!

Your mission is important to us, which is why we want to reward you.

President's word

Dear partner,

I am particularly happy to welcome you to the new Martinique Academy online training platform.

All the ingredients are there for this program to bring you everything you need to know to love and make people love Martinique… and boost your sales!

I hope that in this way, you will join the network of specialists in Martinique.

La Martinique, loves YOU !

Bénédicte di GERONIMO
President of the Martiniquais Tourism Committee

What is a Martinique specialist?

Specialist assignments include:

  • Know the destination and its news, keep up to date with the news shared by us
  • Promote the destination during your sales: make your interlocutor dream, share your experience
  • Sharing the values of the Martinique destination
  • Discuss with other specialists and help each other if necessary, maintain the link.

From our side, we commit to:

  • Obtain the necessary materials (information materials, sales materials) and support you in their use
  • Invite you as a VIP to our events
  • Provide you with a dedicated email address.
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